New Zealand Professional Photographers Update and Unify Standard Terms & Conditions of Engagement

The two industry associations representing professional photographers in New Zealand, the Advertising and Illustrative Photographers Association ( and the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography ( have today released a new, unified update to the Standard Photographic Terms and Conditions of Engagement.

The previous Standard Photographic Terms and Conditions of Engagement co-developed by the two organisations were last updated in the mid 2000s. During the ensuing decade much has changed in the photographic and business landscape. In that time most professional photographers have moved almost exclusively to digital capture of images and the ways in which images are used has also changed significantly. Now, in addition to traditional printed images, many images are being used in digital realms such as digital advertising, online news reporting and via social media networks. The new updated Standard Photographic Terms & Conditions of Engagement address these changes as well as matters such as data storage; preservation of metadata embedded in digital files such as the author and copyright holders details, location, details of licensed use and camera capture information; privacy and use of personal information; health and safety.

Until now, two versions of the Standard Photographic Terms and Conditions of Engagement had been in widespread use by professional photographers in New Zealand. One version was more suited to commercial photographers whose clients were typically businesses, and the other version for photographers working with domestic clients such as wedding and family portrait photographers. With many professional photographers today creating images in multiple genres, and many having a mix of commercial and domestic clients, the updated Standard Photographic Terms and Conditions of Engagement unifies the two previous documents so that regardless of the type of work or client, a single set of Term and Conditions may be used.

Collectively the AIPA and NZIPP have approximately 600 members ranging from new entrants in the industry to long established, award winning and recognised industry stalwarts. Members predominantly operate as self-employed, small businesses.

All professional photographers, both members of AIPA and NZIPP, and non-members alike, are encouraged to use the Standard Photographic Terms and Conditions of Engagement as a key part of their business practice as they provide clarity, trust, protection and certainty for both the photographer and the clients of photographers. Use also simplifies the engagement process for both photographers and their clients.

The new document is available for viewing and download using the following link:

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