Athlete Portrait for Corporate Client

Client type 

Client size 
Large (up to 500 employees)

Assignment description 
Create one full length hero portrait of an athlete to match supplied visual. Shot against green screen and lit in-line with shoot style guide supplied to match pre-existing background plate.

Was this a direct client, or did the job come via an ad agency, design firm, PR agency, or other intermediary? 
via Advertising Agency 

How long did it take to prepare for the shoot?
2 hours

How long did the shoot take? 
1 hour to shoot then 1 hour to break down and pack up

How long did it take to edit and process the images from the shoot?
1 hour of file handling

How many images did you supply to the client? 
40 RAW files

Licence purpose 
Advertising in any media

Licence territory 
New Zealand

Licence period 
12 months

Licence exclusivity 

Licence conditions

Creative fees 
Creative fee: $2,000

Production charges 
Digital capture: $150
File handling: $100
35mm Digital kit: $200
Computer: $50
Lighting: $570
Studio hire: $400
Assistant: $350
Makeup artist: $380

Total cost 

Did you retain copyright? 

Did you use AIPA Terms & Conditions? 

What were the payment terms? 
20th of month following

Additional notes 
This was a half day shoot. The final image was used in window displays, online and on bus backs.

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