Food Photography for Book Publisher

Client type

Client size
Enterprise (more than 500 employees)

Assignment description
Cook book, shot over 12 days with a food stylist. Props sorted by food stylist. Prop styling done by photographer.

Was this a direct client, or did the job come via an ad agency, design firm, PR agency, or other intermediary?
Direct Client

How long did it take to prepare for the shoot?
2 hours

How long did the shoot take?
12 days

How long did it take to edit and process the images from the shoot?
5 days

How many images did you supply to the client?

Licence purpose
Book, social media, PR, editorial, anything in relation to this specific publication

Licence territory
New Zealand and Australia

Licence period
In perpetuity

Licence exclusivity

Licence conditions
Attribution required

Creative fees
Book photography fee: $10,000
Cover photography fee: $500
Re-shoot of 3 recipes (half a day): $500
+5% royalties after 10,000 copies sold

Production charges
Rental gear expenses: $80
(Prop hire sorted by prop stylist, paid for by publisher, budget $2000)

Total cost

Did you retain copyright?

Did you use AIPA Terms & Conditions?

What were the payment terms?
50% of fee paid after low-res delivery, the rest paid 20th of the month after high-res delivery.

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