Headshots for Recruitment Agency

Client type
Recruitment Agency

Assignment description
Staff headshots for company website "About" page

Was this a direct client, or did the job come via an ad agency, design firm, PR agency, or other intermediary?
via Design Firm

How long did the shoot take?
45 minutes

How many images did you supply to the client?

Licence purpose
Website and marketing collateral

Licence territory

Licence period

Licence exclusivity

Creative fees
$275 + GST per person

Production charges

Total cost
$550 + GST

Did you retain copyright?

Did you use AIPA Terms & Conditions?

What were the payment terms?
7 days

Additional notes
The cost was at least twice what client had been paying another photographer, there was plenty of hesitation and they did ask for a discount. I pointed out that there are minimum costs to running a business that I unfortunately can't move on for a job this size. They accepted and were very happy with the results.

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