Lifestyle Imagery for Construction Company

Client Type
New Zealand Construction Company

Assignment Description
Create 20 lifestyle images to promote a residential property development in Auckland. This job was shot at various locations over a two day period.

Licence Purpose

Licence Period
5 years exclusive

Licence Territory
New Zealand

Creative Fees
Photography Fee: 2 x $3,000 = $6,000
Licence Fee: $2,000

Production Charges
Digital Capture: $150
File Management: $100
File Processing: 20 x $40 = $800
File Delivery: $25
Photography Assistant: 2 x $350 = $700
Miscellaneous Costs: $100

$9,875 + GST

Conditions of Sale
Photographer retains copyright
AIPA Terms & Conditions apply
Payment due 20th of the month following the photo shoot

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