When Pricing Your Photography Focus on the Value of Your Images

"Pricing is the biggest challenge we all meet in this crazy industry. Approaching it from the value aspect is far simpler than trying to guess what clients are 'willing to pay' or finding our fee on a calculator built for a different purpose." - Don Giannatti

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Product Shots for Wine Merchant

Client Type
Large New Zealand Wine Merchant

Assignment Description
Photograph 6 different bottles of wine from the same range. Each bottle was shot individually with accompanying food items (a food stylist wasn't required). The lighting had to show subtle label embossing. It took 2 days to complete this assignment.

Licence Purpose
'Below the Line' Advertising

Licence Period
5 years exclusive

Licence Territory
New Zealand, Australia + Internet

Creative Fees
Photography Fee (includes usage stated above): 6 x $1,200 = $7,200
Post Production (retouching): 10 hours x $120 = $1,200

Production Charges
Camera Hire: $600
Digital Capture & File Processing: 6 x $400 = $2,800
Studio Hire: 2 x $330 = $660
Assistant: 2 x $350 = $700
Props (food items, plates, etc.): $320

$13,480 + GST

Conditions of Sale
Photographer retains copyright
AIPA Terms & Conditions apply

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