Get Paid Faster

"Few business challenges are more frustrating than clients who are slow to pay invoices. It’s difficult enough to find that client and convince them to hire us in the first place, not to mention producing and executing the assignment to perfection, all the while keeping the client happy and meeting their ever-changing needs. But in the end when the shots are great, the client’s ecstatic, the invoice is sent and you’re basking in the glow of another creative triumph, what more could you ask for? Well, for starters, you'd probably ask for a client who pays their bill in a reasonable amount of time."

7 Ways to Justify Your Pricing

"Having to justify your prices to clients is always nerve wracking, but why should it be? You work tirelessly to ensure quality service and you already know your worth, so don't be afraid to help others see the value in what you do as well! Yes, it's unfortunate that you should have to justify yourself in the first place, but when the inevitable conversation comes up, remind clients of these very valid reasons for your pricing structure." - Tristin Vaccaro

70% of Freelancers Have Been Asked to Work for Free

"As a freelancer, it’s often tempting to take on gigs for little or no pay, especially when you’re struggling to build a client base. However, even if these risks sometimes pay off, such practices becoming the norm can severely decrease demand for paid freelancers and subsequently drag down the asking price for professional freelance work." - Tom West

How to Answer a Prospect's Tricky Billing Question

"You need to be ready to articulate your value proposition to a confused or misguided prospect. You are not being paid to work really hard; nor are you being paid to struggle to get the assignment right. The client is paying you to deliver great work, on time, every time." - Robbie Hyman

Lifestyle Imagery for Construction Company

Client Type
New Zealand Construction Company

Assignment Description
Create 20 lifestyle images to promote a residential property development in Auckland. This job was shot at various locations over a two day period.

Licence Purpose

Licence Period
5 years exclusive

Licence Territory
New Zealand

Creative Fees
Photography Fee: 2 x $3,000 = $6,000
Licence Fee: $2,000

Production Charges
Digital Capture: $150
File Management: $100
File Processing: 20 x $40 = $800
File Delivery: $25
Photography Assistant: 2 x $350 = $700
Miscellaneous Costs: $100

$9,875 + GST

Conditions of Sale
Photographer retains copyright
AIPA Terms & Conditions apply
Payment due 20th of the month following the photo shoot

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The Art of the Creative Call

A strong creative call can influence decision makers and sway the project in your direction.

Creating an Estimate for a Photo Shoot

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